Urban Christian Outreach

Urban Christian Outreach seeks to be a consistent Christian presence on the sidewalks, and in the coffee shops, parks and public places of the city. Our work takes unto into drop-in centres, shelters and even under bridges, where some of our homeless friends live. We help those less fortunate to navigate legal, educational, medical, social, and employment systems, and accompany them to appointments when required. We do not run a drop-in centre or other facility and we rent no office space. The sidewalk ministry is implemented by Jill Wilson, Executive Director, and is assisted by volunteers selected from within the churches who are individually trained for the task. In addition, UCO offers one-on-one literacy assistance in borrowed rooms and churches in the downtown core for those who want to upgrade their English and math skills.

Sidewalk Ministry

  Our Outreach Objectives

 Our PURPOSE is to seek out those who are suffering from the effects of urban isolation and deprivation, to remain in long-term relationships where appropriate, and to serve the needs of the whole person through: 

 Spiritual and pastoral care with practical supports

 Literacy Instruction


 Court, prison, hospital and group home visits

 On-site street care

 Referral to other agencies and churches

 Bible Study and Christian Education

The SPIRITUAL FOCUS of Urban Christian Outreach is the redemptive love of God in Jesus Christ, and the great value of each individual in the sight of God.

We are committed to Jesus Christ as the source of all healing and forgiveness, and offer this hope in a style that is respectful of the uniqueness of each person’s spiritual journey, and the process of God already at work in the individual.